Music Mess – The one of a kind music festival

Iceland is known to have the most bands per capita in the whole world. This makes them one of the most music productive places in the world. Since, they have so many bands under them it is quite obvious that they need to showcase all the talents they nurture and thus, they need to host a lot of shows for it.

There’s an upcoming festival in the town of Iceland called Reykjavik Music Mess. The music mess festival is going to be held in the last weekend of May. This is the 3rd consecutive year that the event is taking place. This is an independently run music festival that has 3 local music lovers behind it. The local headliners include Bloodgroup and Mammut, plus a dash of Australia and Scotland with DZ Death rays and Withered Hand. The genres for the music are all over the place. There is mixing folk and rock, acoustic and electric, sound and color and what not. It is the kind of music mess that we all have been waiting for. morans

Why music mess

There’s a play on words, since a mass held for religious purposes is called “messa” in Icelandic, so you can also think of this as a congregation and celebration of messy music. You can jam at Volta, new downtown night venue in Reykjavik, to the sounds of Icelandic and International bands. Kex will also simultaneously be hosting free shows nightly at 8 pm. The festival starts Friday, May 24th and goes on for the whole weekend. It’s a 3 days long festival.

The music mess has its own website too. You can visit the website for all you queries. The supports all you queries. You can also post your articles regarding the music mess festival on that website. It is a user friendly website and is up for all you questions and enquires. You will also get updates about the festival through the website. In the app you have homepage. On your left you will find the recent posts, below that Recent Comments, then Archives, categories and Meta. On the top right hand site you have Home, About, Contact and Partner. Below that on the right hand side itself you have the Vertical menu which displays your articles that have been published in the website and you have book marks. For any information about the Reykjavik music mess festival you can go to this website and enquire about it and for all the details about the festival keep a track of the website, you will get to know about the nooks and bits about the festival all right here.
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